A social Xmas post or not… How to decide if it’s right for your brand?

With Xmas day just around the corner, it’s time for brands to think about what they want to say. It can be a delicate balancing act and there’s a lot to consider other than “Xmas” vs “Christmas”.

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Identity and Social Media – the latest victim: Virgin Australia

One of the problems we face in social media is it’s focus on identity, with so little support for it.

The appeal and growth of social media is based around identity. Sharing and relating, user generated content, relationships formed and bonded online. Yet every platform allows you to take on or create whatever identity you see fit. Today this happened to Virgin Australia.

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It’s about love…

As a community manager, what we do is about changing how people feel. And we’re not going to go into more details on that now. What we are going to look at, is me deciding to change how people feel. But specific people. Don’t get me wrong I love my community dearly ( we launched […]

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How often do you need to know?

In the vein of reinterpretation of a simple phrase from “The customer is always right“, I’ve got two different ways I look at “How often do you need to know?” and you need to know them both right now. How often do you need to know? The amount of time it takes for a given […]

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The customer is always right

The most often quoted and the most incorrect statement in customer service. And it turns out years later it’s the most accurate. For years we’ve thrown this statement at one another, refused and denied it. Yelled it from the rooftops and raged at every manager, CEO and executive who used it as a battlecry to […]

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See us on Facebook

Lots of businesses advertise their facebook presence. A lot also fail to share the URL. “See us on Facebook for special offers!”. For a large brand this will work perfectly, but if you share a name internationally, or you’re a more local business you could be asking people to search for “Joe’s Plumbing” and instead […]

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Privacy and your Customers

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Mysql and Inner joins – Simple Guide

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Free as in beer?

Free as in beer, free as in speech? What the hell? People use these terms for software to make things clear for you. Free as in beer means the software costs nothing. No money to acquire it, but it could be secret code they never share. Free as in speech means you have unlimited access […]

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Redirect www/ or not

Edit your .htaccess file in your site’s root directory to automatically redirect all non www traffic to the www version. This makes sure that your site accepts all incoming links exactly the same way and makes sure Google doesn’t penalise you for having two identical sites. Ie http://e-timpa.com is not identical to http://www.e-timpa.com Google for […]

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