I’m a writer, a photographer and the Community Care Manager for Vodafone Australia, and live in Hobart, Australia.

With years of experience in customer service, problem solving and process improvement I’ve seen every level of customer service and every way to deliver it.

I’ve taken complaints face to face, by phone, email, blogs, forums and twitter. I’ve been invisible and faceless, and the voice and photo of a national brand.

I write, I manage and take photos of the things that inspire and motivate me. I love the thrill and challenge of social media and what I get out of it. Every day I learn something new.

The articles here are intended to help share and spread the knowledge and information I have gained through working and learning and trying to beat my own best.Even if I get a little too competitive with myself from time to time.
I’d love to hear from you about a new article or piece you’d like to know more about.

Contact me : thanslow@gmail.com